Born: Ottawa, Canada
Grew up in Kingston, Ontario
Travelled in Europe and Morrocco after graduating from High School. Also did stints as a naval reservist at CFS Alert (world’s most northerly inhabited settlement), CFS Mill Cove near Halifax, Nova Scotia, CFS Esquimalt near Victoria, British Columbia. Graduated with a BA in Poli Sci from Carleton University in 1990. Worked as a residential counsellor for a year near Toronto then moved to Tokyo, Japan for 6 years to work as an English Teacher. I married my wife Tomoko and my daughter Yukari was born in 1993. We moved back to Canada at the end of 1996. I worked as an Education Officer for the Superintendents of the Vancouver School Board for a few years and then taught a TESOL course across Canada. I then moved into the tech sector as an education software implementation consultant. I then did some interesting work as a training specialist for an engineering firm followed by my current position as a software application consultant for utilities implementing billing and crm software. I spent the Fall of 2008 working near Portland Oregon and am currently working on a project in Hays, Kansas which started in the Spring of 2009 and will wrap up this Fall. I also did a couple of short stints in Bermuda and Virginia

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